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6 Most Practical Ways to Save Money on Your Kitchen Renovation

1. Avoid Relocating Electrical & Plumbing At All Costs

The silent budget killer. The easiest and most impactful way to save costs on your kitchen renovation is to leave all electrical & plumbing outlets untouched. This means retain the locations of your water supply, drainage, gas & electricity that connect to your kitchen sinks, dishwashers, ovens, cooktops and fridges.

The labour costs involved in relocating these services can stack up thick and fast so unless the current layout is completely unworkable, we recommend sticking to current electrical & plumbing locations as much as possible.

2. Consider Pre-Assembled Flat-Pack Cabinetry

Everyone loves custom cabinetry – or just about anything that is custom. However, custom does come at a cost. In the case of kitchen cabinets we’re talking almost double the cost.

There are plenty of pre-assembled options out there that eliminates the cost of assembly which, depending on the size of your kitchen, can become a significant figure. With many reputable suppliers providing flat-packed cabinets in your required dimensions and in an almost infinite range of finishes & colours, there is a huge trend amongst renovators to go for the pre-assembled option.

Check out our list of reputable flat-pack cabinet providers here.

3. Consider Open-Shelving

Open-shelving is great option to have up your sleeve to save a bit off your bottom line. The savings comes from the fact that cabinet doors and hinges are a sizeable portion of the total cost of cabinetry and by removing this element, you’re saving directly on additional materials and labour.

Not only does open-shelving save you extra dough, it can also positively add to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen by creating a sense of openness whilst giving you the opportunity to display decorative objects and pot plants to breathe some life into your space.

Overall, a simple but powerful tactic when it comes to shaving dollars off your budget.

4. Choose a Cost Effective Material for your Benchtops

There are tonnes of options out there when it comes to choice of material for your kitchen benchtops. They also come in a huge variety of price points depending on whether you opt for natural stones like marble and granite or the engineered stone or solid surface variety.

Although the natural features found in marble and granite attract many renovators, designers and builders alike, the cost can be almost double or more than that of engineered stone and solid surfaces. Marble and granite ranges from $800 to $2,000 + per square metre whereas engineered stone will sit in the vicinity of $300 to $700 per square metre. The difference to the bottom line can be noticeable!

Check out our list of benchtop surface suppliers here.

5. Choose Track-Lights instead of Recessed Lights

Recessed lights look harmless on the surface but the underlying costs can really add up and make a difference to your renovation budget. Think of the actual work involved – cutting holes into the ceiling and insulation, additional electrical wiring and repair work to the ceiling. Multiply this extra cost by the number of lights you’re planning and that’s when it hurts your back pocket.

Track lighting on the other hand requires much less fiddling and cutting in terms of installation and this is where cost can be saved.

Give our friends at Living Styles a browse through their range of stylish & affordable track lights.

Check out our full list of lighting stores here.

6. Be Selective on Handles

An often overlooked piece that gets chosen last minute and given that they cost relatively less compared to the bigger ticket items around the kitchen, many renovators decide on their selections without due consideration to overall budgets.

Given the volume of handles required to complete your kitchen, the overall costs can add up quickly and even a small decrease in cost per unit can make all the difference.


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